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Foresty mulching

Forestry Mulching

Forestry mulching is a process that rids undesirable vegetation such as trees, brush forest debris and stumps are ground into mulch by a low impact machine. The end result is a mulch that is evenly distributed over the cutting area, no brush piles, no burning, and no stripped land. This process actually reduces growth, prevents erosion, and add nutrients to the soil base.

- Forestry mowing
- Forest scape & park-like settings
- Habitat restoration
- Farmland restoration
- Trail construction
- Fence line clearing  
- Invasive plant clearing
- Brush clearing


trails & paths

We focus our trail construction around activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, and cart paths. Trails are also a great way to enjoy the natural beauty of your property. To develop a trail we begin with the layout which is important to both maintenance and age. Greenwoods works with the terrain and landscape as it makes a more interesting to hike, bike or ride along with natural landmarks.

- Design & construction
- Mapping & plotting
- Clearing
- Surfacing & drainage
- Signage & marking

Harvest Cleanup

timber and harvest cleanup

Timber harvest is a way of managing woodland areas and this approach sometimes leaves an unsightly landscape. We work with foresters and landowners to make the project more aesthetically pleasing.

- Clean up slash & forest debris
- Chipping & mulching of debris
- Repair of skid roads & ruts

Land Clearing

Land Clearing

Greenwoods utilizes a low impact approach to work with the environment. We feel it is important to minimize land disturbance and soil disruption.

- View clearing
- Forest thinning
- Yard expansion
- Hedgerow clearing
- Access roads
- Tree removal
- Development

Storm damage cleanup

When severe storms wreak havoc upon your property is disrupts your life. Greenwoods understands the effects a storm can cause on your home and more importantly your family. We will do our very best to restore things back to normal and make you feel safe again.

- Debris removal
- Wood chipping
- Damaged tree removal

Green and Sons LLC


Excavation is something Greenwoods does on every job site. There is always some level of excavation necessary to complete a project. Whether it is a cleanup and or repair of skid roads, we have the machines needed to address your challenge.

- Clean up slash & forest debris
- Chipping & mulching of debris
- Repair of skid roads & ruts