Greenwoods Land Clearing Services
Greenwoods Land Management Services
Low Impact Land Clearing
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Forestry mulching is a process that rids undesirable vegetation such as trees, brush forest debris and stumps are ground into mulch by a low impact machine.  The end result is a mulch that is evenly distributed over the cutting area, no brush piles, no burning, and no stripped land.  This process actually reduces growth, prevents erosion, and add nutrients to the soil base. 

Your desirable tree damage is greatly reduced because the topsoil layer and root system are not disturbed.  The resulting effect is a fresh layer of mulch, which naturally decomposes into rich topsoil.  Forestry mulching can be done in most weather conditions that would shut down other technologies. Mulching is faster and saves you money compared to the traditional land clearing methods.

Greenwoods Land Management Services Include:

- Forestry mowing
- Forest scape & park like settings
- Habitat restoration
- Farm land restoration
- Trail construction
- Fence line clearing 
- Invasive plant clearing
- Brush clearing
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Long Reach Forestry Mower